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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
Butterfly Valve Wafer Type
Butterfly Valve Sandwich Type
Butterfly Valve Flangeless
Butterfly Valve Hand Lever Operated
Butterfly Valve Gear Operated
Butterfly Valve Pneumatic Operated
Butterfly Valve Electrical Operated
Butterfly Valve PN 10 Pressure Rating
Series: WBFSP1 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (Rating PN 10)

Butterfly Valve PN 16 Pressure Rating
Series: WBFSP6 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (Rating PN 16)

BHAVYA Fluid Controls Water Type Butterfly Valves body seat mechanism have a very low torque, tight shut off with zero leakage, compact actuator selection, and long life smooth easy operation. The slim-seal, center disc design valves are widely available with different combination of body, seat & disc materials to satisfy the need of most industrial application.
Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
Slim Seal, Center Disc Design,
Wafer Design, Sandwich Type, Flangeless,
Size Range 40NB to 600NB

Butterfly Valve can be used in bi-directional pressure differential to prevent backflow in systems designed for unidirectional flow. Wafer Bonded/Renewable Seat Butterfly Valve no requirement of any gasket to mount between two flanges. BHAVYA Butterfly Valves are available with wider range of Elastomer Rubber Seat to suit various industrial applications with various operations. Wafer Butterfly Valves are also called by Center Disc Butterfly Valve or Slim Seal Design Butterfly Valve. Wafer Type Butterfly Valve also can be used for Flow Control Application or Shut-off purpose.

We do manufacturing & exporting of Butterfly Valve in size from 2 (50NB) to 24 (600NB) with various option body, disc & seat material. Butterfly valve body mostly used Cast Iron or Cast Steel because the same not comes direct in touch with flow media. Bhavya Butterfly Valve design is as per BS 5155 & API 609 and Test Standard BS 6755-I & API 598.

Material of Construction for
Series: WBFSP1 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (Rating PN 10)
Series: WBFSP6 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (Rating PN 16)
Cast Iron : IS 210 Gr FG 200/A 126 CLASS B
Cast Carbon Steel : ASTM A 216 Gr WCB
Cast Stainless Steel : ASTM A 351 Gr CF 8/CF 8M/CF 3/CF 3M
Design Type : Wafer, Slim Seal, Center Disc Type
End Connection : Wafer Type To suit to ANSI B 16.5 (150#)
Pressure Rating : PN10 / PN16
Engineering Option : Gear Operated, Electrical Actuated & Pneumatic Actuated
Size Range : 50 mm to 600 mm


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